Your career at Q_PERIOR: Application process.

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Online application.

Send us your application with CV, references and other documents. Of course, we are always happy to receive information about your motivation, your desired salary and the possible start date. We expect you to be willing to travel as a consultant.

Online application

Send us your application with CV, references and other documents. Of course, we are always happy to receive information about your motivation, your desired salary and the possible start date. We expect you to be willing to travel as a consultant.

Video or telephone interview

If we are satisfied with your application, we will hold a one-hour (video) telephone interview with the specialist department to discuss expectations and ideas on both sides and to clarify questions.

Job interview

If we are both convinced that we should get to know each other better, a more detailed interview with the department and HR follows. Sometimes this is followed by a second one. In any case, the interviews are always about personal and professional exchange. A consulting case study with Q_PERIOR relevance is also part of the process.


And if it’s a good match for both sides? Then we will send you a contract offer. At the same time, you are welcome to talk informally and “off the record” with a Q_PERIOR employee from your future department. In this way, you can relax and gain even more insight and get to know the consulting “daily routine” at Q_PERIOR first-hand.

We bring your career and our business together.

Our job offers always relate to a specific business need, i.e., to current or upcoming projects, to strategic customer or topic developments, whether it’s an opportunity to fulfill a recently vacated position or a new opportunity. But that is not all. What we always keep in mind is your personal career option. When filling every vacancy, we pursue the clear goal of offering you a real, long-term career and development opportunity.


Here you can find questions and answers about your application.

What do I do if I’m interested in multiple job openings?

Of course, the best thing is to find a job that suits you best. If you are also interested in other job openings, simply let us know in your cover letter and/or in the text field of your online application. There is no need to submit separate cover letters for different job openings.

A job is advertised for multiple cities. Which city will I be assigned to? Do I have to move if necessary?

Our Q_PERIs and customers are widely distributed. From a purely organizational point of view, you will be assigned to the nearest branch office but you won’t have to move right away. Our remote work policy gives you the freedom and the framework you need to work flexibly. Joint project work, digital communication and collaboration tools, and numerous team events will provide you with plenty of networking opportunities.

How long does an average project take and how many Q_PERIOR consultants are deployed per project?

Depending on the customer’s requirements and the task at hand, we have project assignments lasting from a few weeks to several months. Large transformation and implementation projects can sometimes take a long time to complete; these are then often split into sub-projects. Our Q_PERIOR project teams range from small to large (25+) and are mostly interdisciplinary. Important: Your skills, your area of expertise as well as your interests, and preferences determine your project assignments.

Will there be opportunities to work on international projects?

Yes, of course, because not only Q_PERIOR is international, but also our projects. This is reflected in intercultural (project) teams, cooperation with global clients, and project assignments abroad. The focus of our projects is mostly on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Can I get reimbursed for my travel expenses to the interview location? What about flights or overnight stays?

You can – we will be happy to reimburse you whether you arrive by train, car, or plane. You have a longer journey ahead of you and an interview first thing in the morning? Then we recommend you get a hotel for the night so that you can start the interview with us well rested and full of energy. You will receive further details on the reimbursement of travel expenses with the invitation to your interview. By the way, we will be even happier to reimburse you for green transportation.

What increases my chances of a successful application process?

The more we learn about you in your application, the sooner we can get into an actual conversation. A cover letter is helpful here but not a must. We can work well with a detailed CV or a well-kept LinkedIn profile and references are also important. By the time we get into the interview process, you should be able to answer the following questions: Why are we a good match? Do you recognize yourself in our values and issues? What is your career goal in concrete terms? In short: good preparation makes all the difference!

Do you have any questions?

Our recruiting team will be happy to answer them at .

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Are you interested in a career at Q_PERIOR, but would like to talk to one of our consultants "off the record" and without obligation before submitting an official application? Then get in touch with our colleagues in a simple and straightforward way and find out first-hand what it means to be a Q_PERI. We look forward to talking to you.